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At Starlite, we're dedicated to inspiring dancers of all ages and levels! From 24 months-18 years, we have something for everyone, whether you're looking for fun recreational classes or an award winning competition team.

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Fun and energetic dance class for kids ages 3-5! Combines ballet, tap, and creative movement to develop coordination, rhythm, and creativity in a positive and supportive environment. Beginners and experienced dancers welcome!



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Get ready to dance and have fun with our upbeat jazz classes! Suitable for all ages and levels, jazz dance is a great way to improve strength, flexibility, and musicality while developing performance skills. Join us and experience the joy and energy of jazz dance!



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Discover the artistry of dance through our contemporary classes! With a blend of ballet and modern dance, this style emphasizes fluidity, emotion, and creative expression. Suitable for all competition level dancers, join us to explore your own unique style and experience the beauty of contemporary dance.

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Discover the beauty of ballet with our classes for all ages! Focus on technique, posture, and expression in a well-rounded experience that combines classical ballet with contemporary and modern elements. Develop physical strength, flexibility, and grace while also fostering discipline, confidence, and creativity.



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Discover the beauty and emotion of lyrical dance with our classes! Combining ballet and jazz, this style tells a story through movement, focusing on technique, fluidity, and musicality. Suitable for all ages and levels, come join us and develop grace, strength, and versatility through the artistry of lyrical dance!



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Make some noise and get your feet moving with our fun and energetic tap classes! Develop coordination, musicality, and creativity while building strength and endurance. Open to all ages and levels, join us and discover the unique rhythm and expression of tap dance!

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Groove and move to the beat with our high-energy hip hop classes! Improve coordination, musicality, and endurance with this dynamic and fun style. Suitable for all ages and levels, join us and express your individuality while learning hip hop dance. techniques.



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Discover the fusion of acrobatics and dance! Learn flips, rolls, and balances while incorporating dance choreography and musicality. Improve strength, flexibility, and coordination in our fun and supportive classes suitable for all levels.



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Take your ballet skills to the next level with our pointe classes! Designed for experienced dancers, we focus on advanced technique, strength, and artistry to master the challenge of dancing on the tips of your toes.

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